About Chap Inserts

About Chap Inserts

About Stylishshowman

In 2008 my daughter was born three months before the large futurity show. When I attempted to show my trail pattern at the show my chaps were SO tight I couldn't use my legs at all. Needless to say that pattern was a total FLOP! So, desperation is the mother of all inventions! Hence came Chap Inserts (because of course I was going to lose the weight, no need for a permanent intervention).  Chap Inserts are now used all around the world including Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Canada and throughout the US. Folks are using Chap Inserts in Motorcycle Chaps, showing breed shows and open shows. Chap inserts have been worn at multiple world shows, the Reichert and Quarter Horse Congress to name a few of the big ones!


No matter the reason for your need, Chap Inserts can provide the extra room you need and eliminate the need for three of the four folks it takes to put your chaps on!


Thanks to all my past and future customers!

I have been showing horses for the last 20+ years. I started with my backyard pony in 4-H, and moved through the ranks to the American Paint Horse Circuit.  As a showman, I know what an impact clothes can make on your overall appearance. While I stay abreast of the current trends, I am a firm believer that FIT is the most important aspect of your outfit. I don't care how much bling an outfit has if the fit is wrong you've wasted your money.

At Stylishshowman I concentrate on finding designs that meet not only your personal taste but are appropriate for your horse show ambitions. I offer clothing ranging from 4-H/Open Shows to clothing World Champions.

In 2012 I had the pleasure of outfitting a Congress Top 15, and Two PHBA World Champions. Edgy to conservative I can create a design that makes you shine! Please do not hesitate to ask questions.