These are hand stitched here in the USA they are not made by a machine over seas, stitching might not be perfect as Neoprene is difficult to sew, if you can't live with that DO NOT ORDER!

If you asked for them to be tapered, up close and personal they WILL NOT LOOK good, I do not have a way to cut them smoothly with a taper. THEY STILL WORK...Can't live with it? Don't ask for them to be tapered.

If you think your chaps are MORE IMPORTANT than people showing at the level of AQHA world show who are perfectly happy with my inserts, DO NOT ORDER!

If you need a little extra comfort in your chaps and want an insert that is DURABLE and WILL Hold up, the please order.


1 1/2" Wide $50

2" Wide $55

2 1 /2" Wide $60

3" Wide $65

4" Wide $75

5" Wide  $80

6" Wide $85

7" Wide $100

Once you place your order please send me an email with length and BLACK OR BROWN to

I CANNOT SHIP YOUR INSERTS until I have length!

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To Order:

Select the width of inserts you need. Once ordered send me an email at with the length (how to measure on chap insert home page), and color. 


Length of delivery varies based on stock levels and current order volume. If you need inserts by a specific date I will TRY to accommodate you but I cannot make guarantees within the same week of order.