LENGTH!!! You have to give to give us the length of your chap inserts before we can ship. To find the length you need measure the zipper on your chaps. Start at the very top of the zipper box, and measure to the last tooth. Metal to metal only I DO NOT need you to include the extra zipper tape in the length.  Length does not have to be exact, but close, you are better to err on the side of shorter than longer.

Chap Inserts from Stylishshowman are compatible with YKK #10 METAL Zippers found in most name brand chaps. You can find the brand of your zipper on the zipper pull, the size is on the back of the slide.  Don't have YKK? Then Sorry I can't help!

I no longer offer colors...people complain too much.  We have BLACK AND CHOCOLATE BROWN!

I ALSO DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE THE USA...that includes Canada sorry.

Welcome to Chap Inserts by Stylishshowman, on this page you will find the information you need about ordering chap inserts.

I USE SLIVER YKK ZIPPERS. YES, they do WORK with your brass zippers. They are hidden behind the fringe. If you HAVE to have brass or it is going to ruin your life...THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL $10 CHARGE PLUS THE TIME TO ORDER!!!!

These are not stock inserts made in China like others. These inserts are made when ordered. I do lengths from 15" (half chaps) to 36". I can do longer than 36" but must order in your zippers, allow extra time for delivery.  Yes for youth even adult chaps lengths of 25, 27, 29 etc. are common as well as measurements with 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4".

*Chap Inserts are sold in pairs (you receive an insert for each leg)!

*Chap Inserts Work In MOST Western Show Chaps and Motorcycle Chaps!

Inserts are available in widths starting at 1 1/2" up to whatever you need, we've even done inserts 7" wide before!